Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Very Messy Work Spaces!!!

Here is my workbench inside the house.  It is part desk, part workshop. Sawing, and hand stuff go on here.

And here is the outdoor workshop.  Here I do my soldering, repoussee, and kiln firing.   It is a small place as you can see, but keeps the explosive stuff outside.  No heat or air conditioning!  

And now you see the outside of my workshop!  Cute, eh?  Sometimes I wonder how I get stuff done!

The small desk (an old very vintage manicurists table!) is my metal clay work space.  Also in this room is my computer and Stev's computer, along with the wood stove. Very cozy in the winter! 


SandyToesJewelry said...

I like your workshop! It looks very neat inside. I'm sorry that you're at the mercy of the weather, though.

Joy Tan said...

Gloria, You workspace is still considered^^ very beautiful ouside!