Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Can't Believe It!

Yup, we went to Vancouver for the wedding of my stepson, Joshua.  We were gone for eight days.  In that time, my car stayed here and Stev's near the airport in Knoxville.
I hadn't driven the car until the other day.  I noticed a very strong stink! I opened the windows and it seemed to abate.  I figured that the neighborhood dogs had used the tires for their urinating.  Boy, did it stink!
Then I noticed some little black things on the dashboard, not moving.  Figured that maybe some black ants had made their way in and died on the dashboard.  Boy, was I wrong!
I drove my little car to stained glass class yesterday and started noticing all these little black oval hard things - not ants.  
Slowly I opened the glove compartment.  OH NO!  A mouse nest! A big white fluffly nest in my glove compartment!  And oh did it stink!
I now realized that a family of mice had somehow found their way into the car (probably from below) and had taken up housekeeping and such.  There were little turds everywhere! In the back, on the floor, in my cupholder! the nerve of them!
It is now all cleaned out and disinfected.  And I hope they never return!  
Ah, the life of a country gal!