Thursday, July 31, 2008

another day

Okay, so it is again another day. I got stung by something yesterday on my foot, foot swelled up, itchy in crotch, armpits, neck, arms and started to get hives. Took antihistamine and most of the itching went away. Sigh...why do these bugs find me so attractive here? I have never been stung so much before.
Today, foot is still swollen and itchy. Antihistamine makes me loopy. I don't like taking them. Trying to decide if I really need a laptop or just want one. I am also looking into metalsmithing and wire work. Do I have enough years in me to do this? Only time will tell!

Politics! McCain is getting ridiculous, Obama is wanting to be messiah. Why oh why, do we even have political conventions when the candidates are already decided and facing off against each other. I don't remember when they have started so early. I am bored of it! We need something exciting in the race.

Well at least Olmert is leaving and it's about time. He was giving away all of Israel's hard won gains. I do not feel that Israel should give back the Golan Heights. Even if now the countries can hit Israeli cities without using the heights - it is a psychological barrier. Will the Arab countries ever learn to live in peace? Probably not, as they are still tribal societies. Their record of human rights is zero - they don't have any. Women are still treated abominably with little rights of their own. Maybe if these places decide to become a 21st century civilization, progress in these areas can be made.

As usual, Exxon is making disgustingly high profits while the people struggle to pay gas to work or to buy falsely elevated prices for food. Falsely I say, all due to the rise in gas and oil prices. These are being driven up by speculators and the fat cats of the industry. I say, off with their heads! We need to get real, folks, and take them down. Nationalize these! No CEO's earning billions of our dollars, no golden parachutes (no gave them to me), no CEO's! The time for a revolution is now and it is late in coming. Not a violent one, but a takeover by the people for the betterment of the people. Read the Declaration of Rights.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ah, No Rain

Ah, at least this morning. Rained hard yesterday, but at least waited til after Stev and I got a chance to swim in our wonderful little pool. I could exercise my knee! Going to the orthopod today to have it checked, 2 weeks post op and I think I am doing fine! Ordered polypropylene pellets so I could polish up my tumbled stones. Wonder what they will look like? These are stones from our creek and land. They will be incorporated into jewelry and then be up for sale on .

Loki(the dog) woke me up this morning and wouldn't let me get back to sleep. She wanted to play! at the ungodly hour of 7:30 am. Spent a lot of time on the etsy forum last night with great conversations. I really like all the the folks there.

Hey! I am going to be on an online column about "wild women" Wow! All I need to do is pick out a picture for her to use and my favorite product that I made. Oh no, they are all my favorite.
Can anyone pick for me? Go to : and pick one for me! I really really like the "Reel Thing" Necklace.

Hubby is getting our bluetooth thingies ready to match our new phones we ordered. More new gadgets to play with again. He loves gadgets. And it is not like we have the money to spare, sigh.....


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ah, the beautiful hummingbirds! Have 4 feeders up for them and they don't care if the feeders are old. Love to watch them fight for their territories. So far, 3 males and 2 females. This is a picture of a female. I actually took this through the window! Didn't think it would come out this well.

Wow, I,m Really Here!
Yup, I've finally done it and started a blog. About me - I am a retired RN (on disability) who loves to make jewelry, do photography and listen to music. The link is to my jewelry shop on Take a look and let me know what you think.

I live in the mountains of NE Tennessee and absolutely love it! Lucky enough to have moved from Florida to this slice of heaven and even have a trout stream on our property. I say we, because I am married to the most wonderful man. We do almost everything together, esp. flyfishing. He ties the flies and I use them(lose them).

Once I figure out how to post photos, you will see lots of them. Been photographing old barns and houses for years - some no longer exist.

I am also very political having once been a hippie radical (LOL). Nothing like missing the '60's. Wish we had been able to change some things back then in our society, but we did manage to affect some changes. Oh well. I vote.

Used to do lots of contra dancing in the DC area for many years. I miss that very much, but my aging joints won't let me do it anymore. In fact, just had left knee arthroscopy for torn cartileges. My, how I love physical therapy (not!). Maybe I'll be able to return to dancing, sure would take some of this weight off!

Speaking of politics, I really do wish that I had someone for vote for who I really really really could get enthused about this election. I will probably vote for Obama. Wanted John Edwards to continue his run or even decide to run as a dark horse after the Democratic convention. Sigh...... Ha, the convention is a joke and should be cancelled - it is just a party not a working convention. Especially after the primaries decide who will be the party's candidate. I remember when it was exciting to be at the convention, when it wasn't decided until the delegate votes were in and counted.

Personally, I think the Presidency should be decided by lottery. Really get the comman person in the White House - not the rich bastards. Yeah!

Oh well, later...