Sunday, April 3, 2011

On A Walk In My Woods

Loki and I started our walk in the backyard where this beautiful Bleeding Heart is blooming.  We then continued on into our woods along my trail. 

All the anemones are up!

I think that this is a new tree starting to grow.  Don't know what it is until the leaves unfurl.  It may be a horse chestnut.

Dutchman's Britches

Trillium, they are soooo pretty.  This is the first one to bloom, others are poking their heads up.

There are more this year than I have seen in previously seen here.

A pretty patch of three different violets! Purple, white and yellow, along with a nice fern.

This little nature created terrarium has been in the woods since we moved here.  I just leave it and it continues to thrive!

More bloodroot.

Oh so pretty white violet!  Some violets are great to use in a salad or as candied violets on cakes.

Henbit just starting to get it's buds.

More violets, different white and purple ones.  These are actually sweet to the taste!

These are growing all over the front of our house - wild grape hyacinth, I think.  They have a nice sweet fragrance.

Very tiny blue flower with hairy leaves.  Corn Speedwell, a member of the snapdragon family. The flower is less than 1/5" wide!

Ending our walk today is this tiny flower of the moss family.  I have no idea what kind of moss it is.  If anyone knows, tell me please!

And another picture of the moss.  This is growing on the ground with lots of rocks.


Beatriz Fortes said...

Thank you for this gorgeous taste of spring!

PPennee said...

OOh I am so envious you have all those beautiful flowers already!! So wonderful. The shot of the trillium made me want to go grab one and make a metal clay flower! Thanks for sharing the beauty in your back yard woods.

Sylvia Anderson said...

Love you beautiful! I really like your mini natural bottle terrarium...very neat!

gloria said...

That little bottle terrarium occurred naturally! I did nothing to it!

jamauerer said...

Those are beautiful! I especially love the terrarium!

terarla1 said...

Your photos are lovely. Thanks for sharing. I recently hosted a giveaway on my blog for a software product, if you left a comment for me, please check back.