Saturday, October 17, 2009

Today is Full of Water

The creek is rising all right.  I went out an took some pics of it today. Had to watch where it the bank was undercut.  There is a really deep undercut right underneath one of the hemlock trees which is now leaning a bit.  It will fall towards the land, not across the creek.
This is the trout pool where I feed the fish!  Now today it looks like this:

The creek is really full and starting to climb into the yard just a little.  But it is still raining.

So I hope that the creek stays away from the house and pool.  And it is supposed to get very cold tonight, so I took all my houseplants and orchids into the house.

Added more lights to the iguanas' cages for more heat.  They hate cloudy days and do not eat well on those days.  Hopefully the additional light and heat will help.

We went dancing in Asheville on Thursday night.  It was a fantastic dance!  I wore my new skirt that I bought on ETSY.  It twirled beautifully.  The band, Wild Asparagus with George Marshall (whom I had a crush on years and years ago) calling.  They recognized me after not seeing them for 17 years.  Then ran into an old dance friend, Bruce Henderson, that I also have not seen for that long!  What a night!
George Marshall
Wild Asparagus
Me and my skirt!

We left about 11 pm or later and got home about 1 am.  I am still recovering from the dance!  But it was a wonderful night.

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