Saturday, September 5, 2009

End of Summer

Here it is September already and I am not ready for it yet!  I didn't swim enough in the pool, I didn't take enough photographs and on and on.  But now the leaves will change and soon will come winter, when I will cozy up to the wood stove.

I did open up a new shop for vintage stuff!  Frog Pond Vintage.  I've been collecting stuff all my life.  It is time to clear some stuff out!  Ribbit!

We have had lots of rabbits around the house, baby cardinals just learning to eat seeds, a family of crows.  But the turkey has not been back.  I think she is hiding for hunting season coming up!  

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jenglo said...

Beautiful wildlife photos - thank you for sharing! It is pretty amazing that this summer is almost over...I feel like we need more of it!