Sunday, January 4, 2009


Yup, that is my inside the house work area.  Not much room - kiln, grinder, etc are all in my outside workshop.  It is cold out there! I was firing last week when it was 12º!.

Okay, explanations of inside work area:  DH is at his computer in one of these pix.  The vest on the back of my chair is a woman's flyfishing vest. Ready at a moment's notice. The small desk is an old manicurists desk with it's own light and bakelite accents and top. The rest of my work area is overflowing as you can see!  But believe it or not, I do have space for creating.

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customjewelrybysolange said...

wow, that is some work area! I hope to have my own office some day, when I'm married :0)