Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh It Is Monday

Good morning!  It's almost noon.  Not too much to post.  We will be having guests the first weekend in October.  This couple is from "Gathering of the Clans" our flyfishing online group.  They bought this weekend with us at our last gathering in May at the live auction. (all proceeds go to Casting For Recovery).  So we have planned out what to serve for meals - these are supposed to be gourmet and Stev does the cooking (thank god).  So now it is time for a major cleanup of the house.

The trailer is gradually becoming non-existent as we have hired someone to take it all away!  Yay!  Soon there will be only the metal chassis.  If I had an acetylene torch, we could cut it up and take to be sold.  Oh well.

Just working on a new necklace featuring beautiful flower pendant by Beadforever.  Necklace is freshwater pearls and amethysts.  Need to go out and get another clasp as I can't find the one I bought earlier. Sigh....   Waiting to get pickle and liver of sulfur to start working on silver, also need borax for flux.  It never ends. There is always something I need.

Made a new pair of earrings. I call these Celebration, cause they are very happy earrings and would look great out celebrating!

My MIL is coming in on October 15 and will be staying til the 28th.  She is so much fun to be with and go look at antiques with.  She is a wonderful woman and an RN like me!

Still have two hummingbirds hanging around - these are juveniles - so the feeders are still up.  Also might get some migrators at the them.  Butteflies are still flying around.

Picked out the next stained glass panel to do - it's hummingbirds, of course!  It has 95 pieces!  That'll take me a while to cut out and do!  If it come out good, might put it up for sale in the shop.  And I need to do some pendants with stained glass and butterfly (no butterflies were harmed) wings.  Should look neat.  Also ,as soon as the copper sheet gets here I can start practicing sawing and learn before I try on silver sheets. Getting discs too to saw and make pendants. 

Childhood memory:  My cousins and I were at a bris for my newest cuz.  We were at Nantasket Beach. So we went down to the beach and dove into the water with all our clothes on (except shoes), we walked back to the house, dripping wet.  Our parents were dripping mad!  What a scene! and right before the bris!  Needless to say, we were forbidden to go to the beach without them.  But it sure was a lot of fun!



Rose said...

Love the new earrings.. had now idea you like the Dead... am an old "Deadhead" myself :)

Beth said...

Hi Hemmy, I practically grew up at Nantasket. My cousins had a home on G street. Great Memories of the beach and Paragon Park.
Great blog.

~*~Pearl~*~ said...

Love the Celebration earrings!!