Friday, August 8, 2008

Do Old Hippies End Up Here?

That is a question that I am attempting to answer today. Why? Because in my travels today I met someone who I should have known back in Takoma Park in the 70's. We had the same friends! and attended the same parties and probably bought stuff from the same dealers. We even lived very close to each other. And this meeting took place in Lowe's in NE Tennessee.
Hubby and I had moved here in 10/06 from Florida and they moved here this month from CT. What a small world after all. (I hate that song).

Travelled today to yard sales looking for a stand for the printer. I met the most amazing folks. One wonderful elderly lady comes from a family that had owned 1100 acres several generations ago! And I even knew the area they owned, close to our house! She had the most engaging stories to tell and asked me to return on another day and sit and talk.

Another couple's family (uncles, cousins, etc.)own lots and lots of acreage from Horse Creek to the Nolichuckey Bridge on 107. Lots of fun talking to these folks indeed. We laughed to find out how alike we were and how alike men are as husbands. Discussed hunting, fishing and farming. Discussed quilting and antiques.

Never did find my stand, but man, oh man, what a day!

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